Higher Poetry: Shah Hussain (Rehmt. A) — Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom by Pathanay Khan

There’s is higher poetry, touching the epitome of Love for life and God. And if there’s is one like Pathanay Khan (پٹھانے خان) to sing it with his endlessly heart wrenching voice; the ebb and flow, ever engaging yet volatile melodious tone with a hint of pleasure in pain; one’s heart simply sinks more deeper in love.

‘Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom’, it explains none but the ultimate relationship between ones soul and the mortal body. Soul which is enchanted in the cage of body.

Cherkha (چرخہ) is symbolises how body, spirit and soul are tied through with trivial yet powerful bond.

گھوم چرخیا گھوم
گھوم چرخیا گھوم
تیری کتن والی جیوے
کتن والی جیوے
نالے وٹن والی جیوے
گھوم چرخیا گھوم

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Arfa Karim Randhawa

All we have to say is this “You Left Unfinished and Yet We Are Proud.”

I'm No Superman!!

To Arifa Karim Randhawa from I'm No Superman!!

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 Arifa Karim Randhawa (late) —  The Youngest Legend

Taste is Worth Dying For!

There are millions of health conscious people around the world. Some are conscious because they are prone to some disease, some already has an illness; and some work out a diet plan because of obesity. Keeping in view all these problems, doing food business has become a hard job.

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Verdict of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Blasphemy!

CII is a Govt. Body Which Suggests and Reviews Islamic Laws in Pakistan

Council of Islāmic Ideology (CII) was under tremendous political pressure from within and abroad.  Few examples of this pressure are

Pope Benedict XVI has called for the release of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in  Asia Bibi “be given back her freedom” says Pope Benedict

“She is a helpless Christian woman. She can’t legally defend herself because she does not have resources. Implicating such helpless minorities in such cases amounts to ridiculing the constitution of Pakistan” Taseer, Governor Punjab

Setting aside all these pressures CCI has proposed following procedural changes in the blasphemy law by retaining the capital punishment Continue reading