It is utmost difficult task to describe yourself; at least it’s difficult for me. Here is collection of thoughts I received myself from the folks around over the 29 springs that past by. Unfortunately, these cannot be described in English to get their true essence but I am trying below

بیک وقت منافق، بے دل ، بے حس ، تنک ظرف؛ فتراک میں نخچیر،  فی زمانہ میں جاہل قرارپایا.

Simultaneously, hypocritical, heartless, senseless, manner-less, arrogant, short tempered, nail in boot’s strap and the one found ignorant of the present period.

What I think of myself is

دیهاتی، اڑنے سے پیشتر بھی میرا رنگ زرد تھا، تا حد نظر خضر کی تلاش میں

Ignorant villager, I was pale yellow before I was blanched. In search of Khizar, till my eyes lose light.

I believe and with experience I know that the key to success is perseverance. I am an avid reader and blogger. Love theater and short stories.

I have written for MidEastYouth.com.  Tweets @twitter.com/awgilani.

Want to talk? Email me awgilani@gmail.com, as one blogger said, “I don’t bite, until you do” 🙂

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