Taste is Worth Dying For!

There are millions of health conscious people around the world. Some are conscious because they are prone to some disease, some already has an illness; and some work out a diet plan because of obesity. Keeping in view all these problems, doing food business has become a hard job.

Even though you will find many posters, charts and caution sign boards about hazardous nature of junk food saying,

the sugar and sodium salts have their effects on health. High calorie content with sugar can lead to obesity. Cholesterol and salt are known to set off blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases in a chain. Excessive salts can affect functioning of kidneys too.

Whenever a health conscious sign appears to me, I am forced to think that I’m being robbed of all the tasty delights of my life. Though I’m not a connoisseur but I’m an epicurean and love food.

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In the age of world-wide web when there are several health and fitness website available at few key strokes, we can also find oodles of fat packed food promoting websites. Awareness about the healthy food created by Multinational Corporations  (MNCs) incited by their competition to catch customers has really made the job hard for Junk-Food sellers. I often wonder how they can how the fast food is surviving from the onslaught of massive de-marketing. The fact is they are surviving.

One of the creative and honest example of selling junk food is Heart Attack Grill. They sell junk food and by telling that junk food is not good for your health but “Taste is Worth Dying For!”

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