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Faiz Ahmed Faiz – The Truth beyond Post Truth (Rawalpindi Case)

November 20, 2018 Comments off

Epitome of Post-truth World. Story of a glorified traitor. Villain of the first Coup attempt presented as liberator and rebellious poet.

A hero of wanna be Rebellious Band-Wagon aboard free-thinker association of DON’T-Know-shit-but-educated-morons

Faiz Ahmed Faiz a communist and abettor of murder conspiracy of Liaquat Ali Khan (jailed for the same reason for sometime) 😞 Rewarded by Russian Govt. with Lenin peace prize for his struggle of communism in newly born Country is being held at high esteem.

There is plethora of evidence.

Number 1: he was jailed then for the conspiracy of coup to make Pak a communist state. For a scientific evidence please find a research paper by following this link

number 2: please go through the list of Lenin peace prize awards you will find 95% of the winners from communist party and it was the Russian involvement which led exoneration of Faiz.

3. who can forget his accomplice Gen Akbar khan the master mind

4. Hasan Zaheer (1998). The times and trial of the Rawalpindi conspiracy 1951: the first coup attempt in Pakistan. Oxford University Press

and I can go on for ever


GDP and GDPD – Religious or Political Unrest in Pakistan

November 2, 2018 Comments off

Light bulb 💡!!

in the wake of current mob-rule and riots

On this holy day of Friday I am proposing a new economic measure today! It is imperative to measure this new measure against the GDP.

GDPD: (Gross domestic product destroyed) monetary measure of the market value of all the raw and final goods and services destroyed in a period of time, often annually.

It would definitely give us insights in to economic potential and economic well-being denied.

Higher Poetry: Shah Hussain (Rehmt. A) — Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom by Pathanay Khan

February 10, 2015 Comments off

There’s is higher poetry, touching the epitome of Love for life and God. And if there’s is one like Pathanay Khan (پٹھانے خان) to sing it with his endlessly heart wrenching voice; the ebb and flow, ever engaging yet volatile melodious tone with a hint of pleasure in pain; one’s heart simply sinks more deeper in love.

‘Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom’, it explains none but the ultimate relationship between ones soul and the mortal body. Soul which is enchanted in the cage of body.

Cherkha (چرخہ) is symbolises how body, spirit and soul are tied through with trivial yet powerful bond.

گھوم چرخیا گھوم
گھوم چرخیا گھوم
تیری کتن والی جیوے
کتن والی جیوے
نالے وٹن والی جیوے
گھوم چرخیا گھوم

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Narcissism not Xenophobia: Pakistan’s Problem

It is often said that Pakistan and it’s policy makers are xenophobic. This phobia has led us to current state of turmoil, hatred, extremism and jingoistic nature of nurturing militant/jihadi groups. There is a belief that it is due to subordination, sycophancy and boot licking of forces like uncle SAM, Union Jack, David Star or Ashok Chakkar.

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Doomsday: An Excerpt from Dawn Urdu

April 29, 2014 Comments off

مولانا قیامت کب آئے گی؟ جب مچھر مر جائے گا اور گائے بے خوف ہو جائے گی!

مچھر کب مرے گا؟ اور گائے کب بے خوف ہو گی؟ جب سورج مغرب سے نکلے گا!

سورج مغرب سے کب نکلے گا؟ جب مُرغی بانگ دے گی اور مُرغا گونگا ہو جائے گا!!!

اور مرغی بانگ کب دے گی؟ جب کلام کرنے والے چُپ ہو جایں گے اور جوتے کے تسمے باندھے گے!
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Violation of Social Contracts A Sign of Eroding Society – Pakistan

December 24, 2012 Comments off

To live in the form of a society all Govt., law and people must enter into a voluntary contract with mutual consent to protect their natural rights and to live together in harmony for a common benefit known as Social Contract.

Though the social contract theory leads to the formation of political authority and the concept of Govt. but here it is beyond the scope of this discussion This Social Contract also leads to the formation of Constitution.

As pointed out earlier, social contract becomes imperative for a society to live in harmony and anyone breaching this contract may be reprimanded by the Government entrusted through social contract by majority of the people by working under the same consented contract. Since, the Social Contract is the fundamental component of the society, any breach of this contract will actually hurt harmony in society and the very existence of society itself. As soon as the minority number of breaches of the social contract increase social fabric of society starts to erode.

In Pakistan, unfortunately this contract is breached by both the entrusted Government and the people. Read more…

Gaza Attack and Its Motives: Changing Israeli Paradigms

November 21, 2012 Comments off


PALESTINE IN THE TIME OF JESUS..” (Photo credit: Cecilia…)

Time to time the tensions between Palestine and Israel has risen and simmered down unfortunately in its long chequered history. This recent inhumane tragedy started on 14th November 2012 just week after US elections, when Israeli army killed Hamas leader, Ahmed Jabari, Read more…

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