Violation of Social Contracts A Sign of Eroding Society – Pakistan

To live in the form of a society all Govt., law and people must enter into a voluntary contract with mutual consent to protect their natural rights and to live together in harmony for a common benefit known as Social Contract.

Though the social contract theory leads to the formation of political authority and the concept of Govt. but here it is beyond the scope of this discussion This Social Contract also leads to the formation of Constitution.

As pointed out earlier, social contract becomes imperative for a society to live in harmony and anyone breaching this contract may be reprimanded by the Government entrusted through social contract by majority of the people by working under the same consented contract. Since, the Social Contract is the fundamental component of the society, any breach of this contract will actually hurt harmony in society and the very existence of society itself. As soon as the minority number of breaches of the social contract increase social fabric of society starts to erode.

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The Attractive Tag of Liberalism!

Educating against Extremism

Educating against Extremism

Since Pakistan stepped in war against terror, the debate of “Extremist“, “Moderate” and “Liberal” has become common. Until now extremism is being considered uni-polar i.e. religious extremism. You may find oodles of analysts local and international popping up on your T.V screens commenting about extremism, of course they mean religious extremism. By any stretch of imagination it is not tenable.

Unfortunately, now our society deems the word extremism in only religious radicalism. On the other hand, word liberalism has become almost a cliché and everyone likes to be called one. You can witness this thing on any public online discussion forum whether it is a social network, blog or newspaper website. Everyone wants to jump into the discussion and say, “hey, you Mullah, you close minded! You need to get rid of your fundamentalist beliefs”, without realizing the very fact that liberalism is also an extreme on the opposite end on fundamentalism. It’s bipolar.

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Why I Say No to Revolution – Pakistan?

'Che'nge the World

Revolution, on the brink of revolution and revolution; the only panacea. Probably you have tired and badly fed up of listening to these revolutionary statements. On top of these statements one would heard “There will be a lot of bloodshed in this (long awaited) revolution”.

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