Higher Poetry: Shah Hussain (Rehmt. A) — Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom by Pathanay Khan

There’s is higher poetry, touching the epitome of Love for life and God. And if there’s is one like Pathanay Khan (پٹھانے خان) to sing it with his endlessly heart wrenching voice; the ebb and flow, ever engaging yet volatile melodious tone with a hint of pleasure in pain; one’s heart simply sinks more deeper in love.

‘Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom’, it explains none but the ultimate relationship between ones soul and the mortal body. Soul which is enchanted in the cage of body.

Cherkha (چرخہ) is symbolises how body, spirit and soul are tied through with trivial yet powerful bond.

گھوم چرخیا گھوم
گھوم چرخیا گھوم
تیری کتن والی جیوے
کتن والی جیوے
نالے وٹن والی جیوے
گھوم چرخیا گھوم

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Narcissism not Xenophobia: Pakistan’s Problem

It is often said that Pakistan and it’s policy makers are xenophobic. This phobia has led us to current state of turmoil, hatred, extremism and jingoistic nature of nurturing militant/jihadi groups. There is a belief that it is due to subordination, sycophancy and boot licking of forces like uncle SAM, Union Jack, David Star or Ashok Chakkar.

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Violation of Social Contracts A Sign of Eroding Society – Pakistan

To live in the form of a society all Govt., law and people must enter into a voluntary contract with mutual consent to protect their natural rights and to live together in harmony for a common benefit known as Social Contract.

Though the social contract theory leads to the formation of political authority and the concept of Govt. but here it is beyond the scope of this discussion This Social Contract also leads to the formation of Constitution.

As pointed out earlier, social contract becomes imperative for a society to live in harmony and anyone breaching this contract may be reprimanded by the Government entrusted through social contract by majority of the people by working under the same consented contract. Since, the Social Contract is the fundamental component of the society, any breach of this contract will actually hurt harmony in society and the very existence of society itself. As soon as the minority number of breaches of the social contract increase social fabric of society starts to erode.

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Arfa Karim Randhawa

All we have to say is this “You Left Unfinished and Yet We Are Proud.”

I'm No Superman!!

To Arifa Karim Randhawa from I'm No Superman!!

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 Arifa Karim Randhawa (late) —  The Youngest Legend

Few Signs of PTI Supporter!

You can diagnose any one around you talking politics if he/she is PTI supporter or not. Here are few (of many) symptoms.

  1. They blame CIA and US from anarchy to bad Governance.
  2. They protest throughout the year.
  3. They want a liberal political leader and yet they like to be friends with fundamentalists who like to blow girls’ schools, barber shops and cut the throats of innocent children for bringing حلوہ (halwa) to armed forces.
  4. They talk of (arcane) sovereignty violation by US forces and zip their lips on Talibans for doing the same in their beloved country’s territory.
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Punjab Boards Online System

Plain paper OMR survey form, without registrat...

The new Punjab Boards’ online registration and academic system has cause a lot of stir recently. Newspapers and TV shows have actively criticized and deemed the system as a complete failure.

Out of my sheer habit of supporting things people oppose and opposing things people support, I thought I should have a look into the matter myself. Having a few friends on the development team of the Online System and being an IT person myself, I do have a better idea (than most jerks on Television Shows and Newspapers) of HOW n WHY the system has failed to deliver what it promised in first place.

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What is Real Problem? Let’s get to the Roots

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We Pakistanis are in trouble since the creation of this country. Since its creation Pakistan has faced many challenges, which range from financial, infrastructural and political to floods, earthquakes and war on terror. Every thinking or non-thinking brain has his views in Pakistan. As the count of mouths increase conspiracy theories increase. But no one has yet identified the real problem.

Some say it is terrorism, some say it is religiously motivated radicalism, some enlist poor quality of education, lack of leadership and some blame the people of Pakistan in general. I shall try here my bit to unravel what my findings are after the complete autopsy of this country’s history from 1947 onwards. My findings are harsh and hard to swallow. To savvy this point we must first step into neutral zone even by putting off our religious pair of specs.

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