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Mosque and Mosquitoes

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Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid

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Pakistan is a land of pure. Purity comes to the pure heart. Islam has given stress in purity at heart. Like other major religions of the world, Islam too has ordained institutions, which help its followers and associates to achieve purity. Mosque is one of them. Throughout Islāmic history one cannot defy the very fact that mosques were top educational institutions, which use to produce plethora of scholars not only specializing in religion but also in subjects like physics, biology, mathematics, philosophy, poetry and you may call wonderful and unique “science of narrators” (علم رجال).

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The Attractive Tag of Liberalism!

Educating against Extremism

Educating against Extremism

Since Pakistan stepped in war against terror, the debate of “Extremist“, “Moderate” and “Liberal” has become common. Until now extremism is being considered uni-polar i.e. religious extremism. You may find oodles of analysts local and international popping up on your T.V screens commenting about extremism, of course they mean religious extremism. By any stretch of imagination it is not tenable.

Unfortunately, now our society deems the word extremism in only religious radicalism. On the other hand, word liberalism has become almost a cliché and everyone likes to be called one. You can witness this thing on any public online discussion forum whether it is a social network, blog or newspaper website. Everyone wants to jump into the discussion and say, “hey, you Mullah, you close minded! You need to get rid of your fundamentalist beliefs”, without realizing the very fact that liberalism is also an extreme on the opposite end on fundamentalism. It’s bipolar.

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Punishment for Blasphemy in the Light of Religious Scriptures

If you say, Pakistan is the land of hot issues it would not be a false statement at all. Whether it is the religious, political, economic or social issues; Pakistan is the place you will find on top of all. Lately, the issue of blasphemy has arisen when a session court (lower court) sentence Asiya Bibi (who was Christian by faith) to death after finding her guilty her of sacrilegious comments.

The debate of repealing this law has come out of blue this time after 2-3 decades of legislation regarding. There are several opinions regarding this blasphemy act 295 (c) of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There are oodles of angles to this law, whether it be religious, democratic, political or human right.

We have gathered some evidences from the Quran, Hadith, Sunnah and history (compiled by historians) for the exact punishment for blasphemy. This will also answer the most asked question “What Muhammad (S.A.W) would have done?” “How he would have responded?” and many supplementary questions like “What Quran says?”,  “Is there any evidence in Hadith?” and “What other religions say about blasphemy?”

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When You Have Something Racist to Say!

I can recall my marketing class lecture when the lecturer told us an interesting thing about communicating advertisement, i.e. “Whenever you have an idiotic thing to say, just sing it –Jingle”. However, things seem to have changed lately. Now we can find several new ways of saying most idiotic things. You may have been familiar with the plethora of an oxymoron such as fully empty, clearly misunderstood, exact estimate, small crowd, act naturally, found missing, pretty ugly and only choice, etc., these oxymoron are consists of two words of contradictory meanings but you won’t find  these stupid or idiotic.

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Dating the Destiny

I have seen twenty three spring seasons in my life. I have neither heard nor have I seen any successful nation which is laid back and waiting for something to happen on its own. In country like ours, where the greatest religion of all (Islam) prevails since it came into being, we are sitting idle and waiting things to happen on its own.

The major contributor to this problem is the concepts of “Fate, Destiny, Kismet, Muqaddar”. All of them have almost same meaning i.e. pre-determined course of events. When we believe in something like “pre-determined course of events” we tend rationalize things to our comfort i.e. what could I/we/they do? It was destined to happen this way.
I don’t remember the name of the book but I do remember that Wasif Ali Wasif (Rehmt. A) said
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