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Dating the Destiny

I have seen twenty three spring seasons in my life. I have neither heard nor have I seen any successful nation which is laid back and waiting for something to happen on its own. In country like ours, where the greatest religion of all (Islam) prevails since it came into being, we are sitting idle and waiting things to happen on its own.

The major contributor to this problem is the concepts of “Fate, Destiny, Kismet, Muqaddar”. All of them have almost same meaning i.e. pre-determined course of events. When we believe in something like “pre-determined course of events” we tend rationalize things to our comfort i.e. what could I/we/they do? It was destined to happen this way.
I don’t remember the name of the book but I do remember that Wasif Ali Wasif (Rehmt. A) said
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