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Faiz Ahmed Faiz – The Truth beyond Post Truth (Rawalpindi Case)

November 20, 2018 Comments off

Epitome of Post-truth World. Story of a glorified traitor. Villain of the first Coup attempt presented as liberator and rebellious poet.

A hero of wanna be Rebellious Band-Wagon aboard free-thinker association of DON’T-Know-shit-but-educated-morons

Faiz Ahmed Faiz a communist and abettor of murder conspiracy of Liaquat Ali Khan (jailed for the same reason for sometime) 😞 Rewarded by Russian Govt. with Lenin peace prize for his struggle of communism in newly born Country is being held at high esteem.

There is plethora of evidence.

Number 1: he was jailed then for the conspiracy of coup to make Pak a communist state. For a scientific evidence please find a research paper by following this link

number 2: please go through the list of Lenin peace prize awards you will find 95% of the winners from communist party and it was the Russian involvement which led exoneration of Faiz.

3. who can forget his accomplice Gen Akbar khan the master mind

4. Hasan Zaheer (1998). The times and trial of the Rawalpindi conspiracy 1951: the first coup attempt in Pakistan. Oxford University Press

and I can go on for ever


What is Real Problem? Let’s get to the Roots

September 13, 2011 4 comments

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We Pakistanis are in trouble since the creation of this country. Since its creation Pakistan has faced many challenges, which range from financial, infrastructural and political to floods, earthquakes and war on terror. Every thinking or non-thinking brain has his views in Pakistan. As the count of mouths increase conspiracy theories increase. But no one has yet identified the real problem.

Some say it is terrorism, some say it is religiously motivated radicalism, some enlist poor quality of education, lack of leadership and some blame the people of Pakistan in general. I shall try here my bit to unravel what my findings are after the complete autopsy of this country’s history from 1947 onwards. My findings are harsh and hard to swallow. To savvy this point we must first step into neutral zone even by putting off our religious pair of specs.

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