Gaza Attack and Its Motives: Changing Israeli Paradigms


PALESTINE IN THE TIME OF JESUS..” (Photo credit: Cecilia…)

Time to time the tensions between Palestine and Israel has risen and simmered down unfortunately in its long chequered history. This recent inhumane tragedy started on 14th November 2012 just week after US elections, when Israeli army killed Hamas leader, Ahmed Jabari, Continue reading


Changes in Pakistan; If Col. Gaddafi Leaves

Revolution; the so-called, shook the most of Islamic world monarchies. Everyone in Pakistan is eying for the same here. Many bloggers, columnists, journalists, and writers of various domains are arguing on the premise of its possibility. Well, I am not doing something even close it. Kirghizstan had some partial impact on Tunisian revolution but Tunisian revolution definitely kindled the revolutionary fire in Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. The question that pops in into our minds is “Will the Gaddafi’s departure be able to kindle the fire of so-called revolution in Pakistan?”

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A BUTT that Needs be Kicked

There aren’t many sources of joy and pleasure for our nation. Turn on the T.V sets and all you get is Politics whether it be current affairs or dramas, Governmental or Familial.

And then we turn to Cricket for a break. It’s our only hope, Our only refuge.
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