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Higher Poetry: Shah Hussain (Rehmt. A) — Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom by Pathanay Khan

February 10, 2015 Comments off

There’s is higher poetry, touching the epitome of Love for life and God. And if there’s is one like Pathanay Khan (پٹھانے خان) to sing it with his endlessly heart wrenching voice; the ebb and flow, ever engaging yet volatile melodious tone with a hint of pleasure in pain; one’s heart simply sinks more deeper in love.

‘Ghoom Cherkhiya Ghoom’, it explains none but the ultimate relationship between ones soul and the mortal body. Soul which is enchanted in the cage of body.

Cherkha (چرخہ) is symbolises how body, spirit and soul are tied through with trivial yet powerful bond.

گھوم چرخیا گھوم
گھوم چرخیا گھوم
تیری کتن والی جیوے
کتن والی جیوے
نالے وٹن والی جیوے
گھوم چرخیا گھوم

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