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Gaza Attack and Its Motives: Changing Israeli Paradigms

November 21, 2012


PALESTINE IN THE TIME OF JESUS..” (Photo credit: Cecilia…)

Time to time the tensions between Palestine and Israel has risen and simmered down unfortunately in its long chequered history. This recent inhumane tragedy started on 14th November 2012 just week after US elections, when Israeli army killed Hamas leader, Ahmed Jabari, who was heading the military wing of Hamas. In retaliation Hamas launched series of home-made, improvised rocket attacks just what the Israel wanted and it had a bigger plan. The intensity of offensive from Israel was subject to the counter responses of US administration. The question ‘how this speedy decline in relations/truce happened?’ is immaterial. The Palestinians claim that this offensive from Hamas side is just a rebuttal of assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the top Hamas military leader, on this Nov 14.
Other point to ponder is the schedule of Israeli Elections on Jan 22nd next year. Is this another political stunt by Israeli establishment as they did 4 years back in Dec 2008 when they initiated an offensive against Hamas which led to the deaths of 1400-1500 Palestinians? On the other hand Israel lost 10 lives. The ratio is staggering 1 to 140. It has always been easy to initiate such surgical strikes or offensives for achieving calculated strategic objectives. Timing of this offensive form Israelis is very critical in the global political view. It came right after a week of US elections to avoid any sensitivity for US elections just not to lose its proxy’s (US) support in hard times. Apparently, Israel seems to be irked by the Arab Spring and ideologically Islamist governments in countries like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Even though those Islamists. Perhaps they are pushing limits and testing of this newly formed political force in town. Perhaps the exact objective is to destabilize this emerging political force and to reduce the structural and operational ability of Hamas, to test out Iron Dome Shield. Making statement and challenging Iran’s ability to take on Israel in near future before Iran can be pushed or tested in 2013. Now speaking of solutions Egypt is the first choice and play a critical role through a strong diplomacy but after Husni Mobarak is ousted; let’s see which way the wind blows. Remember the time of freedom flotilla; Turkey was also a major player. In the end the Obama administration and by those Israelis who understand that their government is playing with lives of hundreds of thousands for purely strategic reasons. It is also believed that Jabari had played an important role in bringing stability to the bilateral relations of Palestine and Israel. Whosoever from the region plays role for truce must remember Israel’s intentions towards the outcome of Arab spring. Egypt and its new leadership need to be cautious because Israel is disturbed by their cautious relationship with the US and the west and wants to disturb this apple cart. Hamas and the Palestinians are being killed as guinea pigs; Israel has bigger issues at hand.

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