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Few Signs of PTI Supporter!

December 5, 2011

You can diagnose any one around you talking politics if he/she is PTI supporter or not. Here are few (of many) symptoms.

  1. They blame CIA and US from anarchy to bad Governance.
  2. They protest throughout the year.
  3. They want a liberal political leader and yet they like to be friends with fundamentalists who like to blow girls’ schools, barber shops and cut the throats of innocent children for bringing حلوہ (halwa) to armed forces.
  4. They talk of (arcane) sovereignty violation by US forces and zip their lips on Talibans for doing the same in their beloved country’s territory.
  5. They chant “no-foreign-loans” and put no solution forward.
  6. They sound like a stuck record “democracy, democracy, democracy…..” but they do not respect how people brutally rejected their ideology in last elections.
  7. They curse every politician on planet, unless the same joins their party.
  8. They support Taliban (if not openly, deep within their heart).
  9. They want change but the political they are supporting hasn’t changed its leader since its creation a decade and half back.
  10. They can’t speak economics or finance.
  11. They want to forget a play boy’s past and yet keep whining  on other political parties past.
  12. They ask the same rhetorical question again and again while keeping their eyes close “What choice do you have?”
  13. They assess other’s political party’s assets on “Market value” and their own on “Historical Cost”.
  14. They talk highly of Sacred constitution of 1973 and yet they support a man who abrogated article 62-63 of the constitution in Seeta White case.
  15. They talk of patriotism very often and yet they support few banned militant organizations.
  16. Calling MQM دہشت گرد Dehshat gard (terrorist) yet they say we respect the mandate of people.
  17. They think a man can be serious with the people of Pakistan whose whole past life have been non-serious.
  18. They have neither secular political ideology nor religious. They are simple confused.
  19. They detest only non-electable and non aligned Lotas (لوٹے ).
  20. Talk highly of breaking status quo in Pakistani politics but they support a party hijacked by one man

Their ideologically equation becomes like

Hameed Gul = Good looking JI = No Team = One Man Show = No tolerance for criticism but plethora for Talibans = Talk of Ghairat but past life style is on contrary = Like to Put wager on Cricket = Pajaro Wala = Photoshoots on Foot Paths = Hunger for Power = Party of Youngs but No young for Real elections.

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