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A Piece of Higher Poetry Which Makes My Heart Flutter!

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اج سک متراں دی ودھیری اے

 ?Why is it that the yearning for the Loved One (i.e., the Holy Prophet) is especially strong today

کیوں دلڑی اداس گھنیری اے

لوں لوں وچ شوق چنگیری اے

?Why is my heart sadder today than even before
?Why does longing penetrate every tissue of mine

اج نیناں لائیاں کیوں جھڑیاں

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Pakistan, Sim City or Vice City: Finding Analogy

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA-Vice City

Often an article I read a couple of years back on DAWN’s bolgosphere strikes in my mind. The article was “P for Pepsi, P for Pakistan”. Then, I hated this idea, the author and even the I left reading DAWN’s blogs. It was a surprise for me and I kept asking myself, How the hell such a daft person managed to make a space on the prestigious newspaper’s site?

Now when I look back and analyze circumstances in the very context of that blogger, I feel he was right, In fact very right. He argued, that pakistan should get a sponsor i.e. pepsi or it even be a Microsoft apple or any other top 100 renowned brands of the world. The central idea was to project the softer image of Pakistan in the world. You may agree or disagree but certainly it the author was desperate.

Recent brutal killing of  a civilian youth by a ranger made me desperate too. Killing, firing, suicide bombing, rapes, rule of law, lack of governance, murders, street violence, gangs, gang wars, drones, dhranas, anguish, cries and pseudo-protests reminds me nothing but a video game. Game that almost envisage all the circumstances of Pakistan today. Grand theft auto: Vice City.

But wait………

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