You Scratch My Back, I’ll Stab Yours!

Flag of the Pakistan Army

Flag of the Pakistan Army

Finally, ISI briefed the Parliament. Same parliament who offered Fatiha Khwani for another pseudo-Shaheed few days before. Shuja the ISI chief was put to the test for his name. As the chief rose to the rostrum, taunts from the political classroom (as there was no monitor or teacher in class) started pelting. Shuja stood and hold his ground, he did not only take tirade. He shot back and I imagine he punched leader of opposition right on the nose (which my gut says would have bleed) with a remark. According to a news report 

[Shuja] “visibly angry” ….. snubbed Nisar in front of a full house…… Nisar had asked him for a personal favour, which he, as DG ISI, refused to extend.

Shuja Pasha told the house that on a recent trip to the US he was told by CIA chief Leon Panetta in an important meeting: ‘Look, General Pasha – how can we trust you when your own country’s opposition leader is saying that you cannot be believed?’

Pasha said that, despite having answers to all questions during that session, he did not have an answer to that question by the CIA chief.

“What should I tell the Americans?” the DG ISI asked in a bitter tone, addressing all the parliamentarians.

This In-Camera session reveals the Strategy of PML N to malign Pakistan Army. The Parliament is offering Fatiha Khwani for the bitter enemy of Pakistan Army. Al Qaeda and its associates Taliban claimed 3500 lives of the brave men in Khaki are fighting for your life to be in peace and tranquility. Army is scratching the back of every citizen in Pakistan but unfortunately in response it is getting stabbed again and again by the political leadership.

It is high time to back Pakistan Military. We need to realize the very fact what happened to nations like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Arabia. They did not back their army in respect of moral support and financial and now they have become soft border nation. We need to scratch their (Pak Army) back when it is itching most instead of labeling Generals Ghaddar.

So, Politicians please for the Love of Almighty, Stop Stabbing, start scratching.

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