Lawrence of Incompetence

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Leadership may have different styles or types but no one can deny the fact that a leader must possess competence. This is exactly what our current pseudo-democratic leadership lacks. I am not asking for super visionary, highly competent, super fit, highly qualified or most capable leadership; but mere competence, just fit, qualified and reasonably capable leadership.

You may have known and gone through various leadership definitions and perhaps you do not want to learn a new one from me. Hey! Wait a second; what I know is noncomplex, comprehensive and self-elucidating. It goes something like this, “A leader is the one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way” (Anonymous). To achieve all the above three qualities of the leader described in the underlying definition we need competence (i.e. adequate means of subsistence) to achieve.

Here are listed some worst qualities that a leader should not have.

1. Lack of communication

2.  Failure to be a good role model

3.  Not maintaining an “A” team

4.  Inadequate recognition

5.  Failure to develop subordinates

6.  Inability or unwillingness to effectively delegate

7.  Not making sound and timely decisions

8.  Ignoring the “tough” responsibilities

9.  Neglecting other functional areas

10. Lacking the vision

11. Fleeing when followers need you the most

When all these qualities and mistakes are combined we get “Lawrence of Incompetence” and I am not surprised to see that all of these  qualities can be found in our current political leadership and most importantly the head of state “Asif Ali Zardari”.

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4 thoughts on “Lawrence of Incompetence

  1. Lets pay homage to the president on this achievement; make a movie titled: “lawrence of Incompetence”. Sincere offer: I’ll play Zardari


  2. yup fit term lawrence of incompetence…..but he is fitting pakistan’s current political scenario and ppl’s will…..thats y its his fourth year in “leading” “us”…… he lawrence of incompetence or the one from us..????


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