Changes in Pakistan; If Col. Gaddafi Leaves

Revolution; the so-called, shook the most of Islamic world monarchies. Everyone in Pakistan is eying for the same here. Many bloggers, columnists, journalists, and writers of various domains are arguing on the premise of its possibility. Well, I am not doing something even close it. Kirghizstan had some partial impact on Tunisian revolution but Tunisian revolution definitely kindled the revolutionary fire in Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. The question that pops in into our minds is “Will the Gaddafi’s departure be able to kindle the fire of so-called revolution in Pakistan?”

If you ask me for opinion, I would definitely have a negative opinion. No public row is expected, no violent protests against the current regime, no guillotine will be invented to behead the corrupt, the fraudulent and looters, no social reforms are expected, no new leadership is expected to rise and no mob led rallies are expected to over throw government.

The life in Pakistan will be same as ever. The corrupts are likely to reign turn by turn, haves of the society will keep having more, have-nots will keep have nothing, tax evaders will have something more to evade, everyone including the President and cheap justices of this unfortunate land of pure will honoring their friends, politicians will keep on acquire more (fake) degrees and etm.

It will never have an impact on Pakistan in any sort except one. The nomenclature of Gaddafi Stadium Lahore will be changed to “Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Stadium” and that too ironically in the name of (sham) democracy and that is all going to happen in Pakistan if Gaddafi leaves.