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Love or Social Engineering?

Heart Engineering

Every time I write on something, very first step I take is consult the dictionary; this time I didn’t. I felt that I need not to explain to you about Love. I used wikipedia to find the more appropriate definition of Social Engineering, which will be discussed later in the article. To write something you surely do have to read the stuff about it covering more than one angle to get the more holistic view that may be you as an author is missing. I Googled this topic many times but I found nothing close to my point of view. So, I thought It would be worth sharing (what I observed about this) comparison.

First, let me explain to you what is social engineering. According to wikipedia (which is not an authentic source and discouraged to cite as a researcher) Social Engineering is defined from two perspectives.

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Changes in Pakistan; If Col. Gaddafi Leaves

Revolution; the so-called, shook the most of Islamic world monarchies. Everyone in Pakistan is eying for the same here. Many bloggers, columnists, journalists, and writers of various domains are arguing on the premise of its possibility. Well, I am not doing something even close it. Kirghizstan had some partial impact on Tunisian revolution but Tunisian revolution definitely kindled the revolutionary fire in Egypt, Yemen, and Libya. The question that pops in into our minds is “Will the Gaddafi’s departure be able to kindle the fire of so-called revolution in Pakistan?”

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