Happy Blogoversary!

27 February 2010, exactly a year from now is a special day I share with someone, with which later I genuinely fell in love with… My blog “I’m No Superman! – A Paradigm Shift”. This lass (My blog) is very special entity for me with which all my ranting, screaming, lamenting and anxious moments are related. It is hard to believe; it is a year since I started. Though, I am not a regular writer but I am a writer now. With the very first blog post, I did not know what I would write but something I later realized was I am gonna spend my rest of life with this lass.

Why I chose the weird ‘I’m No Superman!’? I don’t really remember. Perhaps I just like this line. Yes, paradigm shift is certainly a conscious effort in it. My relationship with this young lass has seen several phases in the past year. I learned a lot. It helped me in tweaking and fine-tuning my persona. Few are as follows.

• Helped me build stronger relations with few good friends on this virtual platform
• Respecting the views of others
• Building a useful reservoir of vocabulary
• Reading as a habit
• Broaden vision
• Improving writing skills
• Patience: helped me kept my mouth shut and let the keyboard do its talking instead
• Work with writer’s block
• Mutual learning
• Help me in learning, how certain people process their thought before spitting out.
• Ranting and venting my spleen in more appropriate way

As a blogger I had satisfactory year. I have been quoted and linked to several websites. I appreciate who quoted me and linked to my blog by properly citing the source. I found couple of websites who copied my content was actively involved in plagiarism. At the end of the day, it was a success for me as a new writer. This past year I’ve stumbled upon several great blogs. I hope I would improve and join their class one day.


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who frequently visited and read my blog posts, share their views, added to my knowledge, given a new perspective to the topic and criticized. I won’t name any ‘cause if I missed someone it wouldn’t be nice at all. I hope that you will keep visiting and keep sharing.

Thanks to WordPress.com and Mideastyouth.com for providing me such a wonderful and easy to use platform to express and share my thoughts around the world. I thank too, all those who appreciated and encouraged me to build a long lasting relationship with this blog.

P.S: Special Thanx to (Syed) Ali Turab Gilani for his two exclusive write-ups for this blog.

Thank You All


8 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary!

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  2. Assalam alykum shah g!
    Surprised to know that it has been a year when I received your message about starting this blog and also wondering to learn that I have been reading you since a year 🙂 … Gud keep it up and congrats for making your belog a Success Story.



  3. AOA !

    Masha’ALLAH , great work jeenab …

    well Words can be a powerful healing tool if used with proper intention, to uplift, encourage and inspire, where as Sometimes the greatest encouragement one can ever receive is the discouragement of a nonbeliever, so strive ahead and you will reach the goal…( best of luck )

    Warmest regards…


    • Thanx Salman Bhai. You are very right in saying

      greatest encouragement one can ever receive is the discouragement of a nonbeliever

      The disagreement and discouragement is one of the prime reason why I started blogging 🙂

      Keep Visiting, sharing and Reading 🙂


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