Mosque and Mosquitoes

Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid

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Pakistan is a land of pure. Purity comes to the pure heart. Islam has given stress in purity at heart. Like other major religions of the world, Islam too has ordained institutions, which help its followers and associates to achieve purity. Mosque is one of them. Throughout Islāmic history one cannot defy the very fact that mosques were top educational institutions, which use to produce plethora of scholars not only specializing in religion but also in subjects like physics, biology, mathematics, philosophy, poetry and you may call wonderful and unique “science of narrators” (علم رجال).

Who can forget the work of Al-Bairooni in Physics, Al-Khwarzami in Mathematics (Algebra) or Roomi in Poetry and Philosophy? These were all men of knowledge and products of mosque or its subsidiary associations. The wonderful thing then mosques had been the peace and serenity they were preaching. The “Mimber” (pulpit) was held by the learned persons and most importantly by the persons in power such as regional Caliphs or Governors. Mosque used to be the hub of sociopolitical activities ranging from university to “Shoora” i.e. handpicked parliament and university to court.

Unfortunately, this glorious legacy of knowledge and light did not last long. Soon, people left this glorious institution. Only the dumbest of kid was chosen and sent to mosque. Any kid who was misfit or unable to study the modern and more of secular studies was surely to be dumped in mosque and Madrassah.  Gradually these dumbest of all gained majority and were in a place to hold the Mimber. They were now custodian of responsibility of preaching and spreading Islam.

Since then to my poor knowledge Muslim world has produced none, not even a ballpoint pen to serve the humanity. Yes, indeed Abdus Salam was a noble laureate but fortunately, (Ironically) we soon discovered he was not a Muslim. These dumbest of all, who were pushed into this position by the society were supposed to preach the religion of peace. Let you imagination unleash the rest; how a dumbest of all will preach glorious religion of peace according to his dumb mind.

Allow me to fuel your imagination by adding, these dumb are now present at your child’s birth to give the “Masnoon Azaan” in his/her ear. He is now tutoring your child in learning Arabic and reciting holy Quran. You need them in your weddings for “Nikah Khawani”. You now need him on funerals. Ironically, then we blame him and call him “Thekaydar of Islam”. Why should not he become a “Thekaydar of Islam” when you need him at every crucial moment of your life? He has earned his right to do so. Why can’t we learn “Nikah Khwani” and do it in ourselves weddings, tutor recitation to child, why can’t a son lead funeral prayer of his father?

Mosques and Madrassahs are now in the hands of dumbest of all. Mosques and Madrassahs are now producing Mosquitoes instead of scholars in every field of art and science. These Mosquitoes are spreading none but hate. Shattering Muslim society into pieces. Misusing loudspeaker to spread hate. They are trying to create state within a state. Killing Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of Islam. They never knew the right way of projecting Islam and their thought. They are making Islam bleed. These Mosquitoes will suck us dry.

Mosque will keep on producing Mosquitoes like Talibans, Alqaeda, Lal Masjid and Mumtaz Qadri fanatics unless we Mimber back from them. Learned and people in power must hold the Mimber. They must educate and show the true face of tolerant peace-loving Islam. We need to realize it is our mistake and we should rectify it.