Where are Marketing Ethics?

A billboard in Karachi says, “WikiLeaks… Butterfly doesn’t”

I have nothing to say but one rhetorical question, where are the Marketing Ethics we were taught of???????????? 

The agency behind the campaign, RG Blue Communications, says that it has “received a very good response” to the billboards. Amjad Hussain, the head of business development, laughingly told The Express Tribune, “Nobody has said it’s in bad taste yet!”

Munir Bhatti, the agency’s art director, says he has been inundated with phone calls about the ad. “I could have also shown a girl like other ads have. But the idea was to make it very different and to use the word WikiLeaks — and that’s what this is.”

“There are a couple of billboards; one is near the Expressway and the other is in Hyderi. There will be one in Karsaz next week.”

Source: The Express Tribune


5 thoughts on “Where are Marketing Ethics?

  1. m sorry gillani….. bt i am not able to get to the main purpose of this post… whats the reason?? or what r the intuitive questions?


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  3. @Dear Fellow blogger and Zubair:

    Yes definitle is funny, but the very fact is, I see it as a “Touche”. Seocnd thing in my personal opnion Socio-Cultural factors does influence the Moral and Stregic boundaries stretch.

    Let me quote a comment from the original source i.e. Express Tribune. The following comment was shared by the name of “Interlocutor”.

    I hundred % agree with Anonymous, the ad has offended middle class women, the appreciation above is just coming from mummy daddy class. Some issues are not related to fun such as women period issue but the ad is making fun of it. Its just like “Oh women, Wiki Leaks but your pad will not leak…hahahhaaa, oh guys enjoy this joke”….a very disgusting idea indeed.
    We have really forgotten ‘haya’ and the people who say that “Menstruation is a stinking biological fact! Get used to it”. I must say that being something a biological fact does not mean that you make fun of it. Men’s wet dreams are also biological fact but should it be made fun of???And if menstruation is such a biological fact that it could be discussed and mocked openly, then I must ask how many men are there who discuss this issue with their mothers, sisters and daughters??? If not then we must have to admit that there are some sensitive issues which should be handle with prudence not using third class kind of creativity.

    I do not agree with him completely though, but he did convince at least me.

    Now lets move to another Hilarious thing. Kindly view the vdo below and comment. You will find the same kinda of humor here. I liked it personally but If you ask me to run this ad on Mass Media Ooops Nope not that kinda material



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