Are We Moving Towards Masochism?

Everyone is dissatisfied and disappointed by the circumstances faced by our beloved country. There are certain contributions to this current state of cognitive dissonance. We are impatient to evolve and hence looking for a magical elixir or waiting for someone to rescue our rapidly sinking boat. To put simply we are looking for “a shortcut for ourselves” and that too should involve no pain but only gain, or gains to be precise!  Stress has become a common psychiatric illness from which I believe 90% of Pakistanis are suffering. It would be useless to say that all staple needs for a common Pakistani like sugar, flour, electricity, clean water, cooking oil and petroleum products are getting scarce. I remember once I was told that the one of the major contributor in toppling Ayub Khan’s regime was the rise in cost of Re. 1 on a staple commodity which compelled the common man to come out on streets to protest which eventually ended with his regime.

What are we having today? Staple commodities are out of reach since a long time. In the words of food and agriculture  minister “Sugar has become luxury item i.e. no more staple item”. Flour too has become a hide and seek commodity in the last couple of years or so. Electricity?? Huh! Let me tell share with you an amusing but bitterly ironic anecdote on load shedding.

One of my friend’s distant relative visited him on their visit to Pakistan from Italy. They were a small nuclear family. The couple had two kids most probably the elder one would have been 7-8 years old. They could barely speak few words of English but Italian and Spanish. They learned only four words in Urdu in their short visit to Pakistan. And they interestingly but not surprisingly were “Bijli Guumm” and “Bijli Aai”.

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Where are most bragged rental power plants, rather where is wapda?? Situation of law and order has worsened. Home office has failed to restor peace to the city of Quaid. We climbed up the corruption ladder. Our foreign policy failure is also evident from the fact that China is going to support India for National Security Council’s permanent seat. Trade and commerce ministry is signing all the strategically ill decisions to sign the contarcts on the expense ofg compromising the national security. Creating almost negligible job opportunities per annum as compared to the graduates produced each year. Mean while internationally we were also making news headlines for nefarious reasons such as presidency joined the shoe magnet club, tops the list of people who left their people stranded in inundated waters and also made to the urban dictionary. On top of all this double edged sword of new taxes. Flood surcharge and Value Added Tax (VAT) shrewdly disguised as Reformed General Sales Tax.

If you ask any question about these miserable situations from the relavant public office holders, they’ll talk back with white lies. Better adopt the policy of “Ask no questions, hear no lies”.

No response from the AWAAM. Nothing apart from drawing room discussions, eloquent debates, and conspiracy theories. Senseless, like deaf and dumb. AWAAM is no more affected by the price hikes or load shedding. They are practically consumed in their own cognitive dissonance. Dissatisfaction is on the verge of converting to hopelessness. They are now very well used to “pain and mental stress”. They now love agony. Desperately waiting for the red ticker of some tragic breaking news like a Moto GP fan stuck to the T.V in anticipation to see few accidents in a single lap.

All the symptoms of senseless deaf, dumb and indifferent to critical changes nation leads to the one conclusion. We the AWAAM now are suffering from masochism i.e. pleasure derived from suffering pain. Lets ask two questions form ourselves. Are we giving in? Are we really becoming a Masochist Nation?

My Answer: Ipso facto, Yes we are. And yours……..??

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6 thoughts on “Are We Moving Towards Masochism?

  1. well, blame it on the hatefilled & retrogressive ideology. you guys accepted slavery and along with it all the nonsense and became soldiers of islam….

    Come out of this hate , think beyond the book… just imagine for a sec that you are more than a muslim i.e human and the whole world will be different, wonderful and ful of oppurtunities where people who deride Mohammad/Allah are living safely along with anti christ, athiest and hindus , jews too.


  2. @Ali:they are “educated Ignorant” for DS’s let me translate into Hindi “Perhay likhay Jahil”

    @DS: two things DS your comment showed how respectful you were about other religions and there religious figure. in Urdu and Hindi they say “Aisi harkat py Maut nahin, Sharam tau ati hogi”

    secondly do find me any religion other Islam who give the proper status to a human value let me quote ten of the common below from Quran. Do stop shit**ing without knowing the true sense of Islam. You are assuming and note that “Assumption is mother of all the screw-ups” i have used euphemism (screw-ups) for the exact phrase do google it.

    Ref. from Quran.

    1. … Do good to your parents. When one of them or both of them reach old age, do not say to them a word of disrespect nor shout at them, but say to them a kind saying. (17:23)
    2. You shall give the due alms to the relatives, the needy, the poor, and the wayfarer, but do not waste excessively. (17:26)
    3. And do not make your hand stingy by holding it to your neck, nor shall you lay it fully open so you become in despair and regret. (17:29)
    4. And do not kill your children due to fear of poverty; We shall provide for you and them. Killing them is a gross sin. (17:31)
    5. And do not come near adultery, for it is lewdness and an evil path.(17:32 )
    6. And do not take a life, for God has made this forbidden, except in the course of justice. And whoever is killed innocently, then We have given his heir authority, so let him not transgress in the taking of a life, for He will be given victory.(17:33)
    7.And do not come near the money of the orphan, except for that which is best, until he reaches his independence. And fulfill the pledge, for the pledge brings great responsibility. (17:34 )
    8. And give full measure when you deal, and weigh with a balance that is straight. That is good and better in the end. (17:35)
    9. And do not uphold what you have no knowledge of. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them. (17:36)
    10. And do not walk in the land arrogantly, for you will not penetrate the earth, nor will you reach the mountains in height. (17:37)


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  4. Mohsin Naqvi Marhoom theek kaha kerty thay: “Itminaan maut ki ilamat hai(aur ham abhi zinda hain).” hmara masla yeh hai k ham mutmain hain! hmain girdo paish k halaat se koi farq nhi perta. Her shakhs ki apni duniya hai, jo her dusray shakhs ki duniya se yaksar mukhtalif hai. Her koi apny aap main magan apni duniya chala raha hai. Hum saahil per paray us kachchway ki tarah hain jisay bachay pathar maarty hon or wo apni gardan apnay khol k ander kiye mzay se so rha ho! her taklif se laparwah. Hum ne be apny gird kuch aisy hi khol bun liye hain, or sab apny apny khol k ander mzay se reh rhay hain, sab mutmain hain… or sab mer chukay hain!!


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