Zardari Now in Urban Dictionary :(

Summary A Night Shot of the Parliament House, ...

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It is is very very sad for me to share this horrific news with you. Mr. Zaradari’s name can now be found in . I am speechless. I do not know what to say. I am truly boggled and non expressive. Don’t know whether to praise or curse who added this to the dictionary. Praise because he used his right to express his frustration with the Govt. Curse because he chose wrong forum to do that.

It is immaterial that what kind of person ZARDARI is, in his personal capacity, when he is representing the Land of Pure, Green Crescent Flag and 796096 Sq. Km on the world map. We are not maligning him in person but Pakistan.

ZARDARI in UrbanDictionary

ZARDARI in UrbanDictionary

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I personally do not give a darn whether a democratic Govt. or Non-Democratic alliance rules. And now strongly believe nobody else in Pakistan cares. All they want is “Self Respect” as a citizen of Pakistan. They don’t want their image being tarnished as Pakistani anywhere in the world due to their pathetic leadership.

Well I am disappointed again by both the “AWAAM” and the current “Leadership”, and have nothing to say more.

If you have something to say do say and share with others in the comments section below.


5 thoughts on “Zardari Now in Urban Dictionary :(

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  4. The kind of malicious language has been used for him is no doubt a “SHAME” for the whole nation but not for the leader himself because he deserves all of the above slang words.As he knows he can’t stop the hatred of people against him as he has such quirks in his personality which can not be changed unless and until “Change PRESIDENT” and 1 personally feel “Zardari Image” is just a bad name AND INSULT for us in the commit of nations.
    What I suggest that for integrity of this nation which has chosed him as President(EVEN WE KNOW ALL THE HISTORY OF HIS SELECTION)Must Must spent some meager amount of money from his bank balance for prohibition of such stuff on internet which infact is blot on the name of Pakistan.


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