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Are We Moving Towards Masochism?

Everyone is dissatisfied and disappointed by the circumstances faced by our beloved country. There are certain contributions to this current state of cognitive dissonance. We are impatient to evolve and hence looking for a magical elixir or waiting for someone to rescue our rapidly sinking boat. To put simply we are looking for “a shortcut for ourselves” and that too should involve no pain but only gain, or gains to be precise!  Read more…


Zardari Now in Urban Dictionary :(

Summary A Night Shot of the Parliament House, ...

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It is is very very sad for me to share this horrific news with you. Mr. Zaradari’s name can now be found in . I am speechless. I do not know what to say. I am truly boggled and non expressive. Don’t know whether to praise or curse who added this to the dictionary. Praise because he used his right to express his frustration with the Govt. Curse because he chose wrong forum to do that. Read more…

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