Violence in Karachi — Who Owns Karachi??

Karachi Downtown

City of Lights

Karachi is a metropolitan city. people from almost every major creed and religion live here. Karachi is the 19th largest city in the world. to my information it is also bigger than 3 countries and five times bigger than Singapore. It is known locally by many names such as “The City of Lights” (روشنیوں کا شہر) “City of Quaid” and “Bride of the Cities” (عروس البلاد). Karachi is ranked 3rd among the most populated cities after Shangahi and Mumbai. Thank heavens it hasn’t made to the top list of most dangerous cities of the world yet.

Violence in Karachi=

Karachi has a chequered history of law and order. We all know that. Major problem with a city like Karachi is no one  (political elite) is willing to own Karachi beyond the slogans. Everyone is all time ready to raise slogans like “Hamara Karachi, I Own Karachi, My Karachi, We Own Karachi” but no one has really stepped up to rescue this metropolitan city form violent groups. Only blame games are being played. They know if not today, yesterday will be theirs in power and thats why peace or no peace to this gloriously diverse city is immaterial to them.

I was being asked by many to write on Karachi, but I was declining till this moment just because I didn’t want to join the wordy bandwagon of “Hamara Karachi, I Own Karachi, My Karachi, We Own Karachi”. Today I came across a beautiful piece of poetry that reminded me of Karachi and poor Karachiites. It from the heart of some bleeding Pakistani and Karachiite. I want to share it on the blogosphere.

Jo Al’lum Guzar Rahay Hain,
Meary Shehar Jal Rahay Hain,
Meary Log Mar Rahay Hain,
Koi Aur Tau Nahi Hai,
Pss-e-Khanjar Azmai,
Hami Qatal Kar Rahay Hain,
Hami Qatal Ho Rahay Hain.

Another poet expresses his grief in the following words.

Ab KAhan Wo Eesaar o Akhuv’vat Madinay Jaisi?,
Ab Tau Musalman Ko Musalman Sy Dar Lgta Hai.

But all these grievances and groveling fell flat on these politicians and bureaucrats in power. It seems these politicians have either become senseless, deaf and dumb or they are abetting equally in this heinous game of bloodshed. The people of Karachi are also equally responsible of their state of misery. In the words a poet;

Humain Kahbar Hai Lutairon Kay Sab Thikano Ki,
Shareek e Jurm Na Hotay tau Mukhbari Krtay.

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  1. by watching these target killings and these barbaric acts, v concieve the feeling of lawlessness. General public is a mere toy in the hands of these politicians.


  2. Shah G mashallah aap to baray likhaari bn gaey hain… Koi kitaab shitaab bhi likh dain ab, bestseller ho gi inshallah!!


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  4. “Countering Ethnocentrism In Karachi By Creating Coastal Province And By Using Separate Electoral System
    Forecast of Quaid-e-Azam about Pakistan with reference to Provincialism,
    ( 28 March,1948,Dhaka)
    “If we begin to think of ourselves as Bengalis, Punjabis, Sindhhis etc. first and Muslims and Pakistanis only incidentally, then Pakistan is bound to disintegrate.”
    Above forecast of Quaid-e-Azam was truly proved when in 1971 Pakistan disintegrated, and now still Pakistani nation is still going on same path.
    Promotion of Provincialism and Ethnocentrism by President of Pakistan is highly deplorable, and is against the Constitution of Pakistan, in which it is the basic Policy principle of Constitution of Pakistan which directs to make efforts against provincialism but our president is trying to promote provincialism and ethnocentrism.
    Investors of Ethnocentrism.
    ANP, PPP and MQM are main beneficiaries and investors of ethnocentrism, provincialism and sectarianism and therefore Mr. Zardari is trying to divide Pakistani nation on such lines, and making statements such
    • As people of other provinces are eating the resources of Balouchistan while infact those are Balouch Sardars who are mostly involved in making properties in other provinces, Jamali sons behaving like land mafia and are having properties in Sindh, Mengal and Marri are having properties in Karachi, Moreover Mr. Zardari is himself involved in making properties in U.K. (Surrey Palace) and every where in Pakistan (from Marri to Guwadour)
    • Punjab is taking the share of water of Sindh while infact it the Sindh Government which is wasting the River Indus water in land and in Arabian Sea. Due to which many parts of Sindh are suffering from problem of water accumulation leading to stagnant water in lakes and creating swamp lands and rise in sea level.
    • People of Sindh will be converted to minority due to migration of Pukhtoons to Karachi, while infact if whole of NWFP population move to Sindh even then it is simply impossible to convert people of Sindh into minority as population of NWFP is 15 Million and that of Sindh about 40 million.
    Sindh and Karachi.
    Presently people of Karachi and Sindh are also suffering from this disease and thousands of people have died due to this disease in only Karachi,
    This disease makes people mad, blind and deaf ,This is the reason that although people of Karachi and Sindh are most educated in Pakistan and know very well that their leaders are terrorist, killers and corrupted but even then they supports to terrorist, killers and corrupted leaders, and there is no value of life in city of Karachi and Sindh.
    As province of Sindhh has totally failed in protecting life and property of people of different ethnic groups, So many people have died and murdered due to this disease of ethnocentrism but government of Sindhh has taken no concrete measures to counter such murders and crimes, In the era of General Zia-ul-Haq when there used to be any information about any initiation of problem of law and order, Administration used to implement Curfew in the localities for prevention of further loss of life, but at present Provincial Sindhh government (due to lust of power ) has totally failed in this regard.
    Due to no commitment with any moral and ethical Ideology and due to disease of provincialism and ethnocentrism, criminals are committing their crimes freely and police Department is totally inefficient in protecting the life and property of people which is obvious from following examples.
    1) Merciless killing and massacre in Karachi on 12 May 2008, in which police and provincial government were found helping the criminals, and officially no investigation was made by provincial government against such delirious crimes.
    2) Loot and arson on 27 December 2008, on the day of death of Benazir Bhutto, free hand was given to criminals for each and every type of crime by provincial governments and police and Railway and transport of people of other provinces was main target of these criminals, and later on all cases against these criminals were removed by Chief Minister of Sindh.
    3) 0n 27 December once again police of province failed event to protect the property of people and free hand was given to criminals in committing their crimes.
    4) Target killing of citizens and youth belonging from different groups such as Pukhtoons, Punjabies, Sindhhies, Balouch and Urdu speaking people, have become a common pratice, while provincial government has taken no step to counter these crimes, it looks as there is no value of life in front of Sindhh government like that of Lalit Moodi government of state of Gujrat in India.
    As mention above there is need to counter these crimes by changing the structure of the province and the difference in ethnicities could be used for stabilization of that region, the details of which are as follows.
    Need of a new Province of Karachi.
    • In scenario of uncontrollable region, it is required to create a new province with the name of “Karachi” including all coastal areas of Pakistan, from Theta to Guwadour, by this the all coastal areas will come under the control of a new geographical entity and it will be easy for that province to administer and manage that same geography in better way with the help of Pakistan Navy.
    • By this all ports and coastal areas will come in the same province under one administration with its Head Quarter in Karachi.
    • That New administration will improve chain of command and management of ports, coastal areas, fishery department in coastal regions.
    • At present inclusion of coastal areas in Government of Sindhh and Balouchistan government is very odd and unnatural, as usually Sindhh Government officers have agricultural background and Capital of Balouchistan government is very remote and far away from coastal areas, therefore administration of coastal areas of Pakistan by a single administration in Karachi will be the best option.
    • New Provincial Government will be more accountable with reference to law and order to federal government as compared to present ambiguous and complex structures of Provinces.
    Name of New Province.
    Name of New province should be as Karachi, Makran, Coastal Areas of Pakistan, or Muhajiran,Sahil-e-Muhajir as these coastal areas are mainly inhabitated by migrants from Africa, India, Interior Sindhh, Interior Pakistan and is main location of migratory birds of Siberia.
    By inclusion of all coastal areas in one province will make separation and cessation movements weaker in the country.
    Separate Electoral System in New Province.
    Political Structure should be based on multiculturism and tolerance as these areas are inhabitated by many large and small ethnic groups there will be need to have separate electoral system in that province for Urdu speakers,Sindhhi speakers, Pushtoo speakers,Punjabi speakers and Makrani speakers and there should be seates in provincial assembly as per their population.By separate electoral system ethnic conflicts will be minimized and wastage of votes of ethnic minorities will come to an end.
    • At present small ethnic minorities are unable to represent themselves in assemblies as majority ethnic group such as MQM, does not allow them to reach in assemblies by using each and every means, due to which smaller ethnic groups are suffering from distress in city of Karachi.
    Facilitating Migration of Quality peoples.
    More over as at present ethnic groups are trying to increase their population in the city of Karachi, such as Sindhh government forcing people of interior to migrate towards Karachi, MQM is trying to increase its vote bank by bringing Indian and Bangladeshi migrants in Karachi, in the same manner Pushtoon and Balouch speakers want to increase their population, In view of all this there is need to make some quality standards for people’s migration into this new province as Canada, Australia and USA has developed such standards for migration, so that new province could become a Model, developed and advanced province of Pakistan.
    From above observations, suggestions and predictions, its quite clear that present ethnic conflicts and loss of life in Karachi could be minimized by Creation of a new province on coastal areas of Pakistan and by using separate electoral system for different ethnic and religious minorities in that province.
    By this we will be able to counter those who are trying to divide Pakistan on the basis of ethoncenterism, provincialism and sectarianism.
    Written By:


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