Why I Say No to Revolution – Pakistan?

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Revolution, on the brink of revolution and revolution; the only panacea. Probably you have tired and badly fed up of listening to these revolutionary statements. On top of these statements one would heard “There will be a lot of bloodshed in this (long awaited) revolution”.

For the love of GOD, please stop spewing these kinds of statements. Have not you seen the repercussions of the so-called Justice Restoration revolutionary movement in the recent past? Did you forget the poems like “Dharti hogi Ma’ kay Jaisi”?? Can’t you recall the politicians chanting slogans and singing Habib Jalib’s poetry to get the 10mins of fame and cash the sentiments of the “18 Karore Gadhay”?? Can you now (after almost 3 years) get to the bottom of the “Democracy is the Best Revenge” theme?? And the biggest con played by pseudo-revolutionists is “Awaam ab Baa’sha’oor hain.

Pakistani Awaam is yet the most gullible nation in the world. Where in the words of a Poet;

“Ameer-e-Sheher Ghareebo’n Ko Loot Laita Hai,
Kabi Ba Heela-e-Mazhab, Kabi Ba’naam-e-Watan”

[Translation: Ruler of the city loot the poor (subservient); Sometimes in the name of Religion and sometimes in the name of Motherland]

And the pseudo-revolutionists, politicians and the media personnel too are exploiting the sentiments of the poor to con them. These con masters and tricksters have their own vested interested in maneuvering the public sentiments to the best of their advantage. Ironically, the “Awaam” do not possess the memory any longer than 15days and that’s the real dilemma.

I can remember the Mr. Khadim-e-Ala’ Punjab reciting and commending Habib Jalib as the best and one of the honest poets of Pakistan. Let’s remind him of one of his verse which was dedicated to his elder brother and party when the elder (former Khadim-e-Azam) stepped into flood water (1990s floods) and publicly tried to en-cash the slogan with “Qaum kay liye ja’n o Dil day dain gay”.

Jalib Replied,

“Na Ja’n day do na Mill day do,
Jo kiya hai qaum ka ziya’n tumnay,
Bs us ka aik Bill dy do”

Consequently, later Jalib was denied by Shareef Govt. the visit to U.K for his treatment and he succumbed to death. Alas! Same happened with the Judiciary movement. Mr. Aitzaz one of the leading pseudo-revolutionist in the Justice Restoration has disappeared from the scene ever since his political party came into power. No one now remembers “Dharti hogi Ma’ Kay jaisi”.

All of these tricksters and con masters are found in the every political party and revolutionary movement. Who can forget “Ms. Asma Jehangir”?? — Another pseudo-revolutionist, expropriating all resources in the name of NGOs, embezzling funds and evading taxes. Sole purpose of these pseudo-politicians and revolutionists are to exploit the sentiments of the public to expropriate the public resources.

Do not forget the bureaucracy. Tax evaders of unique kind. These bureaucrats are no different than politicians. They enjoy all the perks and expropriate all the possible resources for their personal use. Bureaucrats show politicians the way to convert their black money in to fair. The unjustified discretionary power of the bureaucrats is promoting the social and moral injustice in the society. A prime example of the street level bureaucrat is the police or traffic police. Yep you are right! You won’t need further explanation as it (Police) is self elucidating.

I have not read history a great deal but I know all the revolutions that I read has one thing in common. All the revolutions i.e. Iranian, Chinese, Cuban and French were against the monarchy. In Pakistan there is no monarchy at the moment. So, what are these revolutionary people are looking to overturn?? Just wondering……….. Is it the democracy they want to overturn??

We are in dire need evolution rather than revolution. Evolution takes time. It is slow and gradual process. Nations which evolves better can tailor their destiny better. We do not have the patience to evolve. We are looking at the horizons for the new leader to emerge. It is like nearer the Church farthest from GOD. Look around yourselves you may find someone who can be a good leader, any person pure at heart. We need to produce pure hearts. Hearts which are more patriotic and more selfless. If we cannot produce pure and selfless hearts we cannot bring revolution. With corruption at heart pseudo-revolution will bring moral and social intolerance. The so-called revolutionary movement in the recent past has produced nothing except Black Coat Terrorists. Attacking courts, paramilitary, civilians and media. Everyone here is willing to wear crown, but no one is willing to get the accompanied headache.

I say No to Revolution because we are not pure at hearts. We need to purify ourselves first. It may (will) take generations. We desperately need evolution than revolution. Evolution will pave the way for real, selfless and pure at heart revolution. There is no need for the bloodshed to call it a revolution. It would be up to the leaders to choose what medium they use to bring the revolution. i believe a sensible can plus Awaam can do it without bloodshed. My say is;

Yes to Evolution, No to Revolution

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16 thoughts on “Why I Say No to Revolution – Pakistan?

  1. ur approach towards evolution is good, i think industrial evolution is needed in our country, unless n until v r good in economic terms no one cud ever dare to threat us in any terms!!!!!!!u rightly said that revolution needs good men, good leadres at heart so they must purify their heart first n then boarst off revolutionary speeches!!!!


    • Thanx Sidra. Yep Industrial Revolution is also needed but thats a different debate. Thanx for contributing with your thoughts and for agreeing with me.
      One thing I also believe in we do not need to look at horizons for somebody to emerge, a leader can be found anywhwere around us.
      Thanx Again, Kepp visiting 🙂


  2. Yep I absolutely agree that in Pakistan there is no time of Revolution and the reasons you mentioned above are perfectly right ones.
    Some stuff I also wanna share when and how Revolution started if we pierce into history of revolution, it started in July 14, 1789 from Paris, protesting against the authority of the king and his anti-people polices, stormed Bastille castle and, after killing the governor and guards looting weapons from its store and releasing its inmates, razed it to the ground. When the matter was taken to the king at his Versailles palace he asked his courtiers:”Is it a rebellion?” Someone corrected: No, YOUR MAJESTY, IT IS A REVOLT.”
    The revolution which had Now changed the whole course of history and from this we also are got fascinated as the same kinda scenario we are confronting now, which was once fate of that country (France) i.e corruption erupted out, bad governance, political chaos, economic woes and law disorders so France people thought to wipe out such evils from society for betterment of coming generations. If we compare Pakistan with Pre-revolutionary France, we would come some similarities but major differences. In case of France income disparity, exemption from taxes by big wigs, army was strong which comprised of about major part of state revenues, nepotism as all high positions allocated to kin’s, unaware of plight and misery of common people and the capital become (Versailles) became famous for fests, celebration. However, the difference between that society and ours is they had a strong intellectual tradition upheld by encyclopedias’, philosophers, thinkers such as Montesquieu, Voltaire. And France has at that time vibrant and united middle class who motivated people to come forward and change the old system (Bur Alas in Pakistan Middle Class is really devoid of unity).
    And lastly they issued “Declaration of Rights of Men” in constitution for guaranteeing fundamental rights to all and for this purpose Dr Guillotine’s Machine, was invented to bring equality to the process of executing the condemned, which not only hanged the commoners but it also not spared the leaders of revolution beheaded, tragically De Guillotine was also guillotine.
    So keeping in view the historical background, chances for any revolution are bleak as you have mentioned Gilani that we are not purified at heart, not accountable, dearth of moral and ethical values what we really need is “Evolution of Self Improvement both morally and intellectually” and if its not possible then slogan of revolution is nothing its just illusion which doesn’t has any meaning in reality.


    • Yes i agree with you word by word but yet i think French Revolution was not a pure revolution, there were not all pure at heart.
      I’m very bad at remembering names, i am sorry for that. There was a enthusiast revolutionist writer who after his murder became saint for many was conspiring through his writings. And the one who use to make up the list for people were to be beheaded was also beheaded by the then kind of council which use to approve the list just because many in the council were started to fear that may be their name would be the next in the list.
      Do read the FEAR STRATEGY employed by pro-revolutionist against the anti-revolutionist during French Revolution.
      Worst of all, this revolution paved the way for the Nepolian (Military Ruler) which was an extension of the monarchist regime.


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  5. Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani sb, why didn’t I bounce in to your blog before? I was writing an article why ‘Pakistan needs an evolution and a revolution?’ and in teh course of my research, i was led to your blog. I have stopped writing my article now because i am busy with what you have to say. you are a genius. things are crazy in Pakistan atm but your ability to take a step back and look at the situation with an overall perspective in mind makes you a cheetah 🙂 Stay in touch!


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