10 Things I Like About Belonging to Lower Middle Class Family

  1. Everyone in and around the Lower Middle Class family eyes its member(s) to be the real source of upward social mobility for themselves and yourself.
  2. Lower middle class (LMC) people like every other stratum see ups and downs economically; they have less to lose as compared to other upper social strata in the worst of their economic conditions. They can handle anything like “Stale Loaf” (Rookhi Roti) or they may not raise their eye brows when it comes to swallowing the lunch and supper with “Minty Sauce” (Chuttni).
  3. They enjoy good financial times; when they encounter difficult times no psychological trauma hits them ‘cause they are back to previous stage that they have been to. On the other hand a member of upper strata may find himself in a psychological traumatic state, finding it hard to adjust to new circumstances; in few cases you may witness a suicide.
  4. Education remains their first priority as it is the only hope for their upward-social mobility.
  5. They need to bank on their abilities because they do not inherit plethora of money in bank accounts, in the shape of land or both.
  6. Less prone to status quo, always looking for upward social mobility
  7. LMC people are more likely to stick with norms i.e. they are less eccentric.
  8. LMC people highly contribute to GDP. Few precedents are China, India, Malaysia and Singapore. All of these fore-mentioned countries have more LMC – Middle Class than any other strata. In other words middle and lower middle class the backbone of the economy.
  9. LMC and Middle class is also a major contributor to the taxes paid each year, which in turn helps the Govt. to run its regular affairs.

10.  Last but not the least; LMC is greater in number when it comes to prayers in Mosque.

P.S: That’s how I see it being the member of LMC. You can share your thoughts in the form of comments below.

Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani
Author is an MS scholar of Management Science.
Member Youth Parliament Pakistan (Sargodha Youth Assembly).


16 thoughts on “10 Things I Like About Belonging to Lower Middle Class Family

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  2. it is a nice work done you’v summarized LMC in 10 points. there could be any number of comments or problem for LMC but what you’v mentione MR. Gilani is quite vividly True. Keep it up bro.


  3. I agree with you my dear friend Mr Abdul Wahab Gilani. you summarize LMC in 10 points weldone. Starting and ending is very good. LMC see the maximum colours of life & they enjoed life more than upper class family. LMC play an important role in positive construction and progress of nation as well. keep it up.


  4. Greatly you have explained the importance of Lower Middle class in our society. Yep right they are “Human Asset” in any part of the world and mentioning epitomes of four nations ‘China, Singapore, India and Malaysia’ where LMC are contributing for the welfare these societies is no doubt revealed through the day by day improvement in their GDP Growth. I agree that people hailed from the Middle Class section are kinda creatures who are future human capital, adaptable even at the worst scenario, believe in their potentials and who are self made, donate at the time of need, volunteers at voice of collective support, revenue generators for development purposes and who are fervent believer in “Education is the Cheap defense of Nations.” therefore keep update themselves with it.


    • Thanx Aliya for you comment. It like always add something new in an artfull manner, one of the prime example is when you quoted

      Education is the Cheap defense of Nations

      I do remember my intoroductory blogpost when I said 90% or more people disagree or see diffently as I do but after bunch blogpost most are agreeing. Nice to see it 🙂
      Thanx for Agreeing


  5. vry good analysis………perfect!!!!!another important point my teacher told to us “Middle Class is the bridge between lower class n upper class” without the middle class the society my face a major collapse!


  6. Say Thank you, until you mean it.
    Thank God, Life, and the Universe for
    Everyone and Everything sent your way!
    Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. . .

    u r always welcum my dear brother!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Nice Analysis bro !

    He is successful whose heart Allah has made sincere toward faith, whose heart He has made free from unbelief, his tongue truthful, his soul calm, his nature straight …whose ear He has made attentive and his eye observant. The ear is a funnel and the eye is a repository for what the heart learns. He is successful whose heart is made retentive. ( Tirmidhi)


    & sorry about the late response …


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