When You Have Something Racist to Say!

I can recall my marketing class lecture when the lecturer told us an interesting thing about communicating advertisement, i.e. “Whenever you have an idiotic thing to say, just sing it –Jingle”. However, things seem to have changed lately. Now we can find several new ways of saying most idiotic things. You may have been familiar with the plethora of an oxymoron such as fully empty, clearly misunderstood, exact estimate, small crowd, act naturally, found missing, pretty ugly and only choice, etc., these oxymoron are consists of two words of contradictory meanings but you won’t find  these stupid or idiotic.

What about an idiotic statement like “I’m not racist but…”?? Urban dictionary defines “I’m not racist but…” as follows.

Something an idiot says just before making a comment that proves the idiot is, in fact, a racist.

This statement makes it easier for the speaker to make racist comment without knowing that he/she is passing one of the most stupid remarks. Respondent/listener to this speaker can see the racist comment coming after “but”.

Every-time you would hear someone saying “I’m not racist, but…” you can bet it will be followed by the racist/bigoted/narrow-minded phrase. People say this phrase often to cover up their racist attitude towards others.  They try to portray themselves as bias free, moderate, liberal, democratic, respecting diversity and religious freedom people.

Few days back, I was going through several videos on youtube.com regarding ground zero mosque controversy I found an interesting fact about a town named Mossman in Australia that its people are known to be most racist in the world. What I found there was the same rhetoric statement “I’m not racist but..”.

Why these people need to say it??

A blogger (perhaps non Muslim) answers this question and sums up the whole discussion in a very kool way by saying

“Bottom line is, if you’re a moron, and you’re going to say something bigoted, then just say it. Spare the “I’m not racist” rhetoric. Everyone can see right through your bullshit”

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Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani
Author is an MS scholar of Management Science.
Member Youth Parliament Pakistan (Sargodha Youth Assembly).


4 thoughts on “When You Have Something Racist to Say!

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  3. it happens to us also,when v have to talk anything racist about our countrymen,v first ask whether sum1 belonging to that particular race is sitting here or not? i think its human nature,sum viruses cant be removed n thats how these racist attitute can never b stopped, no matter how progressive n developed the nation is!


    • Sorry to differ here Sidra

      first ask whether sum1 belonging to that particular race is sitting here or not?

      the part you spoke of is a different case if not very. That is at least a respect by not spewing some kinda racist remark while coinversing. I see it as a plus point in our society.
      If cannot be stopped then it can be mitigatted 🙂
      Keep Reading 🙂


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