Mr. Zardari Tops the List


Mr. Zardari

Ah! Pakistan is again in the headlines of the top world media. Alas! again this time not for good at all.

Mr. Zardari tops the list again.

Yes, the list of  TOP FIVE LEADERS who were conspicuously absent when they were needed the most says a renowned Foreign Policy Magazine. Every time we are in a news, we some how have something to be ashamed of.

This time because Mr. Zardari left the country in the time of devastating floods in the country. Floods this year are unprecedented in the Pakistan’s 63-year history.

There are three four leaders too on the list but for me and you Zardari Matters more than others for only one reason, i.e. he is President of Pakistan. In disastrous floods when all the rivers were flowing with inundated waters and the warning to several areas for floods had been issued, the head of state should have postponed his visit to Europe.

In Europe, what Mr. Zardari earned was a “SHOE”; hurled towards him (again claiming a position in the list of  Shoe Magnets) in the same context of fleeing from home being a head of state in the colossal catastrophe of floods. Shoe thrower said he had no option to protest except hurling his shoes at him.

Nearly 20 million people are affected by the inundated waters but Mr. Zradari opted to leave for another visit.

Foreign Policy Magazine said.

Zardari’s absence continued on Aug. 18 with a visit to the Black Sea resort at Sochi, Russia, where he met his Russian, Afghan, and Tajik counterparts for a security summit. Perhaps wisely, Zardari decided not to stay for lunch and left quickly after the meeting.

Once again, Intellectual Bankruptcy is evident from these actions from our leaders. Two and a half years left of his regime; I am hoping against hope that in next three years Mr. Zardari will think twice before he leaps.

Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani
Author is an MS scholar of Management Science.
Member Youth Parliament Pakistan (Sargodha Youth Assembly).


4 thoughts on “Mr. Zardari Tops the List

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  2. A nice blog and its a depiction of most of the Pakistanis,yep Our President is really a great person and a leader as his careless behavior has once again revealed to our nation that how loyal he is to his people (Just Shame on him). He was in U.K just to let his son to enter in politics to present him as his successor after his tenure. In such a deplorable situation he just left his people to cope the hardships on their own. It is such a colossal loss to Pakistan so it’d take years to overcome the incur cost due to this natural disaster.
    Our president tour to European countries is really condemnable but what I deem is that “His Presence is equal to his absence from the scene “as he is not at all a responsible and honest democratic figure but if we take this point into profound account then we would realize that it is infact not good for Pakistan as most of nation would of the opinion that “When Pakistan president doesn’t bother for his country why should we donate such a country, therefore this is the point where it matters a lot as now Pakistani community has lost their place in the commit of nation because of our Great President’s quite a irrational decision.


  3. helping the Pakistani nation in times of flood was not a big deal for Mr. Zardari,i wonder why he go abroad for collecting aid?He should better pay the proper tax n make his ministers for the same,inshallah all the problems of Pakistan will be resolved in this way…….


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