A BUTT that Needs be Kicked

There aren’t many sources of joy and pleasure for our nation. Turn on the T.V sets and all you get is Politics whether it be current affairs or dramas, Governmental or Familial.

And then we turn to Cricket for a break. It’s our only hope, Our only refuge.

When one thinks of cricket, what should come to mind is sports, recreation, thrill, emotions and the game itself. But all that comes to my mind is dropping catches and edging to towards the slip cordon.

And Politics won’t leave us here as well.

Pakistan cricket has never been in a turmoil like this  before or I haven’t known one like this in my life. We’ve seen whitewashes from Australia in test matches before. We’ve seen early exits from the World Cups and defeats from Bangladesh and Ireland.

Ever since, Inzamam became the captain, the team rebuilding phase started and continues till the day. It’s been over 6 years now and the situation is worse than ever now.There is not a single player in the team with average over 40.

And it isn’t just about team but the Cricket Board itself that is in ruins. Here are just a few points, that I could gather my thoughts on, that I really feel need to be addressed.

  • No International cricket at home for quite a few years.
  • Lost co-host status of the World Cup 2011
  • Our players been kicked out of IPL and the Champions League as well
  • No allies in ICC and in our own region as well.
  • Lack of discipline and Rise of Politics amongst the players.
  • Personal differences between Chairman and senior players.

Amongst all, the biggest failure has been the inability to develop a proper management for the board. Chairman PCB has failed miserably in controlling the Pakistan cricket’s affairs for very long now. Take the example of tackling the senior players from the team, how they were banned, then fined and then called back to the team while Younis khan still missing from the action.

Despite worst losses at the hands of Frangi (England), the board is still somewhat hesitant to deal with the real issue. The powerful group amongst the team is determined to make Salman Butt fail as captain and till now, success is following them.

And if no action is taken right now, the junior players will essentially be caught in the line of fire. And if they also become a part of the politics, the future of our crickekt won’t be any different from now.

As for the team selection, I got just a few words. If you play domestic cricket and have good connections, you too can be a part of the national cricket team. Otherwise, wear your bums the entire life playing for HBL or some other bank.

And hey, did you know that the team selected by the Selection Committee cannot be released to media without signed by Chairman PCB. (Wow! That Says it All). I think there is a BUTT that needs be kicked here 😉

Ijaz Butt and Azizi

Pakistan Cricket Team and Azizi

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One thought on “A BUTT that Needs be Kicked

  1. nice attempt!!!!!!!u rightly said that our cricket is also lacking the leadership like our politics. there are a hundred talented players of cricket who are waiting for their turn in the National team,but the white elephants like this Butt, are gatekeepers for them. i wonder about those players who were not even suitable for the team, they came back as captains???this is really abt contacts and politics…..the cricket players shuld also care about their stardom, they dont care about the years ban and heavy fines,coz they know the innocent public can easily befooled by their teary eyes,i think strick punishment n for-life ban is the only solution for this cricket politics. n for Butt,”he really needs to b kicked off”!!!!!!.


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