Staying Away from Girls ;)

I am ready to bet on it. You could never find a boy on this planet who really hates girls. It is natural for all of us, the boys i mean, to like girls. Our hormones are just built that way. Wherever and whenever we see a girl, our eyes turn to them even if she is not that beautiful. But our instincts somehow get us to look at her.

However, there are some of us who really try to suppress this instinct and try to act as if they don’t care about them. Such people are very rare And

I am one amongst those few people.

It is not that I don’t like girls. I do look at every girl that passes me by. I do enjoy their company and cut jokes if I have the chance. Having said that, I still try to avoid at most the company of girls.

Once in the class, our teacher asked us to write three hobbies and principles that we live our life by, each on our notebooks. It was a part of practice for essay writing. The interesting thing in my list were my principles and they were Honesty, Loyality and

Staying Away From Girls

And when my teacher heard that, he read them again aloud in front of the class. and the whole class burst into laughter.

So do I really hate girls?

Well, actually no. It is not that I hate girls but some other reasons behind my rule of staying away from girls. I’ll try to explore these reasons now.

Up till the Intermediate education, I was very fond of girls (I still am though). I would talk about every girl in the college with my friends, hear their love stories and of course discuss the thrill they were having in their lives.

My cousin used to tell me that I was really fond of girls and that I need to get a grip over myself. I used to talk to him a lot about his class girls and knew quite a few of her friends’ names too ;).

I had quite a few crushes in my life but I could never express myself. I was really, really shy and therefore, I never had much interaction with girls in my life. I was really low on confidence when talking to girls. My heart would start pounding and I could feel the blood marching through my vessels.

How could I ever ask a girl out in such condition?

Another pretty fair reason for my this attitude is that maybe I fear that my relationship would get into some kind of commitment that I am not ready to make or will be unable to fulfill? So foolish of me I know. But I Fear.

All these reasons seem pretty trivial to me. The prime reason of my principle of staying away from girls is my commitment to myself.

“My commitment to secure my career”.

You see, I did not get into university alone. With me, were my parents’ wishes and their expectations. Not just my parents’ hopes but my whole family’s, and anyone who has anything to do with me.

So I laid out a few rules for my university life. And one of them was staying away from girls.

And to my surprise, this rule has done me a lot of good. When I see my friends around me who stay with the girls, I feel really good about holding this rule so tightly.

They are all messed up in their lives. They break friendships with their real friends just for girls. They are fighting each other over girls. Texting messages late at night, talking hours on phone, buying birthday presents and valentine cards is just what they do year round.

Every day, there is new drama and new twist. They lie to their close friends, break up friendships just to stay good in their beloved’s eyes. They have lost respect amongst their own friends. And they are losing it amongst girls too.

The most common thing I hear from my friends who are into plucking girls stuff, is that SHE is angry with me. And they are always thinking how they could get them back on track with them.

How embarrassed would their parents really feel if they come to know what their child is doing in the university? They did not send their child to have romantic relationships. They want to see their child become someone they could feel proud of, Not the other way round.

The moment one gets involved in such emotionally dependent relationship, self destruction starts.

And I am not here to destruct myself. I am here to construct my future here. And that is why I stay away from girls as much as possible.

After all, I am following my Teacher’s advice. Our English teacher in college, once told us:

“Bachay pehlay apna future secure kr lo., pehlay kuch bun jao. Phir duniya ki jo larki chaho gay mil jaey gi”


No offence to Girls whatsoever. I respect them from the core of my heart. Really…,, I do.
This article may be incoherent to the blog’s main theme but is intended just for relaxation and fun.
After all, this world is pretty messed up with serious issues and needs a break.


About the Author:

Ali Turab Gilani – Younger brother of Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani
Currently studying at G.C University Lahore
BS Computer Sciences
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10 thoughts on “Staying Away from Girls ;)

  1. Hey.
    This post encompasses the value of your morality. You have goals in life, and you know where your priorities are. I am happy for you. And as a teenage girl, I try to live the same way you are living. All we are doing is avoiding all possible disturbances in our attempt to surpass the expectations of those that care for us.
    Great post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. You should write more about stuff like this.
    I am a subscriber, so I would definitely read it if you did.


  2. hi

    thanks for the fervent reply.
    I think it’s time for youth to decide on their priorities and responsibilities, get a firm hold of them and avoid all possible negative energies whether it be cell phones, loitering or any other.

    I’ll definitely write more but it’s the time and my job that really bogs me down. 😦


  3. Very well written bro 😉 The best part of it is

    The moment one gets involved in such emotionally dependent relationship, self destruction starts.

    I really like it. By the way thanx for choosing this blog 4 publishing your article. I hope to see more from you.

    Signing off,
    your big bro 🙂


  4. Its a very useful stuff for youngsters to read as they mostly engage and indulge themselves in worthless activities. I appreciate your honesty part which u have emanated in this blog.

    I really encourage you for your chivalrous approach towards girls by writing it


    • Certainly, our youth should be engaged in more positive activities.

      And it’s just not about girls/boys stuff, it’s mainly about being deviant from the right track, oblivious to the duties and responsibilities we ought to fulfill.


  5. it was a good article, i like it…..although i completly endorse my view with urs but i think v all r human beings and as u mensioned in the begining that its our instinct to attract the opposite sex. if v keep on supressing our desires, it wud turn in to a frigid attitude,this is also v must maintain balance in all these things…..i remember when v were in the school our teacher used to tell us that v all are brothers n sisters,thats y v all lived like a is not the issue of university only, it is everywhere in our society,v need to stick to our values n norms of our families and i think if v r loyal to our studies n familty no distraction cud divert our way……….


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  8. hey friend you are really Amazing and your thoughts are really inspiring ,actually your article can change the mind of so many peoples who are just dying for their love and destroying their whole life… friend ,keep it up…and sorry for language mistakes….


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