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Facebook Ban: A Review of Arslan Iftikhar’s (CNN) article

This article is written in disagreement with the article written by Arslan Ifitikhar on CNN. The reasons for disagreement are many. Mr. Arslan Iftikhar has given very strange arguments; at least for me they are very weak. This article will critically review Iftikhar’s article by taking one argument at a time.

Firstly, the unfortunate the start of the article is not representative of the topic but the checkered history of Pakistan’s military regimes, which has nothing to do with the Facebook ban. This start can be considered as a deliberate attempt to sabotage Pakistan’s image.

Second, the people of Pakistan took their case to the provincial high court, and being democratic country, Pakistani authorities took actions according to the courts order to ban the 800 websites having sacrilegious content. Facebook and Youtube are two of them.
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