Talent Hunting – A Pakistani Perspective

We all are familiar with the word talent. Talent is considered to be an innate, built-in, born with, personal gift possessed by comparatively few people. In quintessence, someone with talent has an aptitude to do certain things which others either can’t do or do more effectively or efficiently. Talent is not the same as skill. A skill is believed to be more of learned process rather than innate.

We usually find many people around us having numerously diversified talent. For instance, shrewd entrepreneurial abilities, leadership, sporting, literary and entertaining abilities such as acting or singing.

You may have heard the term “Talent Hunting” coined by two words, talent and hunting. Hunt literally means to pursue, to chase and to stalk. So the term talent hunt means to uncover, to find, to chase the talent. Throughout the world talent hunting programs are organized to nurture budding talent and sublime it to best output.

Like the rest of the world, in Pakistan talent hunting programs are also running. I’m not going to comment on these programs. My concern is with the other kind of talent hunting i.e. hunting down (kill) the talent. In Pakistan, there are several ways of hunting down talent which includes suppression of talent under some pressure i.e. peer or parental, shyness and it may due to envious behavior of others. I consider shyness the bigger culprit of all. Those people who are shy to display their talent have constructed a powerful defense mechanism. This mechanism may appear in many different forms. It can be severely underestimating or a kind of self-denial from that gifted talent.

We Pakistanis just “Hunt Down” the talent in its verbatim essence. We approach it like, Find…Aim…Hunt (Shoot), rather we should “Find…Aim…Lock…Streamline”

Author is MS scholar of Management Science
Member Youth Parliament Pakistan (Sargodha Youth Assembly).


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  1. COMMENT (Talent Hunting: A Pakistani Perspective)

    At the outset I must say you have outstandingly revealed the “Talent Hunt” phenomenon and I do agree with you that we as nation instead of going for Talent Hunting: Prefer to be Talent Killer (shooter).
    Talent shooting is of two types
    a) By others
    b) By oneself
    Talent Hunting as regards to Pakistani is really on the “tenterhooks” no one tries to find out it in oneself as well as in others and if “Talent” is being hound in someone else then it is not admired. This process of suppressing the natural abilities starts at very teenager age, as it is very common practice in our society e.g. at selection of subjects parents rather than going for aptitude of children they just impose on them fields (which are more demanding professions in job market) such as medicine, engineering, architect instead even if they want to be a musician, model or an artist.
    If someone displays his/her talent, has to confront others envy (friends, colleges, boss) as it mostly happens in professional life when a subordinate has more ability than his/her boss, then killing process of ability begin which brutally ruin the personality of that poor talented one .
    Moreover, Foreign Media Vs Pakistani Media is concerned, forlornly it is reality that the foreign media shows more preference on creativity or innovation made by their people instead of repeating and having rancorous debates on the contemporary current affairs, give more appreciation for the true talent (know how to recognize the talent) but in Pakistan Media keeps on telecasting the outdated issues despite of finding the talent, if by chance they able to find it then don’t recognize it which is one of the most awful reason of killing the true talent.
    And now the talent killing by one oneself which in fact is the most devastating and ruining act.
    Its not that if someone does not show talent, has build a protected wall around him/her or they are shy, actually they consider that whatever they are doing is not up to mark or what they have radiated is only a simple thing, is nothing or of no worth. Suspicious in radiating their talent perhaps due to stifle sort of feedback from the people around, which makes them creepy in showing their abilities. Even when someone tries to instill confidence in them they still come up to the state of being hazy and simply give futile response….. as they are inundated by confusion whether they have abilities or not and either they are good at something or not.
    Sometimes it may happen that people whom have been endowed with talent keep on self denial , perhaps either want a daily based refueling agent (Motivation) to foster their abilities for which are naturally gifted with or they don’t believe in themselves for what they are blessed with. So now comes how to make them confident that they have been gifted by something in the form of talent????
    So I am leaving this ambiguity to all of those who are going to read it what would you say to those who are in limbo state. as I myself suggest, be self confident and “Belief in You” by inculcating assertiveness whim in them.
    And at national level the most paramount step in this process of “Talent Hunting” requires first Find (Identify) the true talent then prompts for…….
    In this manner we would be able to have Best people in every field of life.

    By Aliya Masood


    • Special thanx 4 ur extended and well elucidated comment, you are always encouraging.
      You added brilliantly the steps i.e. Identify (Find), Acknowledge, admit (Locking the target), adore and appreciate and may i add another mentoring (Streamline).
      As far as ur view regarding not being building shyness wall etc I beg to differ coz i believe some talents can be exercised while being anonymous such as blogging. One can write articles with a pen name. So the shyness element must vaporize in anonymity.


  2. Dear All,

    Whatever i am going to write might offend a lot of people, a lot will be having contradictins, but please read everything carefully. I am always willing to accept any arguments made against my point of view. I have done some research, have discussed with social science experts and scholars, islamic Scholars, and has concerted some litreacher also. And after doing above things, today, i had the courage to write something about this topic.

    In my opinion, there is any thing like talent possessed by only a few people. Socraties introduce the concept of “A priori”. He was such a lagendary character of history and an expert of “Apperciative inquiry”. He was killed because of his skills in inquring/probiong. He got the truth out of the mouth of others and thus was killed.

    “A priori” concept is extracted from islam. It emplies that every one in this word is born with some prior knowledge about Allah. About the universe, about Good, about Evil, about Rules of Thumbs etc. I am refering to Youm-e-Alast (Alast-o-birabbi Kum). A part from above Allah Pak has also gathered souls before sending us on earth and took outh. We have forgetton it but a few among us still remember it. I am here refering to “Sura’h Al-ARF”. No one does something wrong infron of others, every child of one or two year likes to wear Pajama, Wants to walks, cries after pissing. It all priori. Has anyone told anyone ever about how to have sex, or how to drink milk just after birth. No one will built 5 legs of chair all tables. But table and chair can have 5 or 6 legs, still no one makes them, its all priori.

    Now coming towards, what talent is actually all about. Talent is “An Ability to learn new things”. Some learn pretty fast, so they are more intelligent/talented while some are not so quick learners. Hence they are less talented. BUT talent still exist. And it is true the more talented will always be known because they know how to get acknowledged. If they dont know then they are less talented. Here comes the role of skills or talent polishing or talent management etc. It is called “A POSTERIORI”.


    • Thanx Zubair! You always add a new dimension to the topic.

      Yup I agree that Talent is very subjective in nature and I now second your opinion that talent is relative in nature too.
      I guess this term “relative” closes the deal and serve as the panacea to the Talent definition. I read the Talent Management book of Subir Chowdhry a well known writer he also says that Relatively few people are talented.

      For me the words Relative and Subjective both Ends this discussion on very high learning note.

      Thanx for you all to be the part of the learning process.

      May Allah (swt) Bless Us With the Needed Breakthrough.




  3. aw bhai, this is so true!
    -We Pakistanis just “Hunt Down” the talent in its verbatim essence. We approach it like, Find…Aim…Hunt (Shoot), rather we should “Find…Aim…Lock…Streamline”-

    since i have come to Canada, i have noticed this even more. People are encouraged to come out of their shell, discover their talents, hone them and use them for everyone else around them. In our country, we kill all the talent, the creativity and the diversity! we put to garbage all the uniqueness in us.


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