Unique Sense of Curiosity of Pakistanis

Pakistanis are unique! I know you would agree with me. One of their uniqueness is their sense of curiosity. Curiosity is an inquisitive behavior. But too much of it is not good.

One of the most seen example is watching aeroplane or jet fighter flying over  our heads. Thats the type of curiosity i’m talking about. Let me quote couple of more examples.

Have you ever watched a news reporter reporting a news while standing in a mall, road or even on a crime scene? Yes, you got that right. Everybody around the camera tries to make into frame of your T.V screen.

One fine morning I found my internet connection not working properly. So, I accompanied my friend/hostel mate to the services center of the high speed internet provider. We were on a bike, quite a muscular bike I must say. Few minutes later we had to stop at a signal. Mean while on the far side of the road one driver just brushed the bike, the warden witnessed that and stopped both of them. Everyone who was part of the clogged traffic started watching it. Mean while my friend who was riding the bike starting commentating….

“Nazreen 2D walay ko bike ko halki si side marnay per warden ny bike walay smaiyt dono rok liya hai aur ab garma garmi shuru honay wali hai…. aunty b gari mein say utar aien hain aur woh obviously apny driver ki side lain gi… aur warden nay ghalban kaha hai k aunty mein hu na ap andar baithan plz aunty ap tau andar baithain.. aur aunty wapis ja kr gari mein baith gayen hain…”

Suddenly, I intervened and made him realized that signal has gone green.
I was shocked to see no vehicle was moving. We both started laughing at the situation that everyone is so involved and forgot that where are they… I tapped on the shoulder of the rider beside me and made him realized that signal is green.. and we exchanged smile. Rider ahead (courier guy) us looked back and did the same.

If that little fight had not happened everybody would have been more than eager to move.

We need to sublime our this curiosity (of no use) in more positive things. There are 3 “i” for creativity

  • Intrigue
  • Instinct
  • Innovation

If we can sublime our curiosity to these 3 i(s) we can achieve more, much more..

Author is MS scholar of Management Science
Member Youth Parliament Pakistan (Sargodha Youth Assembly).


2 thoughts on “Unique Sense of Curiosity of Pakistanis

  1. Actual Comment by AM on this post via Facebook(initials).

    Engrossment of pakistani masses in such sort of activities is a common practice but I think it has an positive aspect too
    look how
    As in cynic world of today if we observe Pakistanis VS other nations we would find that if there happens an accident on a road or any other mishap with someone else then this nation do come forward to escape the person as being having an empathetic behavior moreover u can also termed as “serving the humanity.”
    But one epitome of west I should like to share that once some ghuras who were swimming in a pond Unfortunately one of them got drown due to some reasons, rest of them despite of letting his dead body out of it , just kept them in enjoying (Awful) becoz it was none of their damn business (very callous and gruff behavior).
    I do agree that we Pakistanis masses should have to divert our curiosity to these 3 “i” for creativity and more new ideas
    • Intrigue
    • Instinct
    • Innovation
    And I want to add one more “i”do invent inorder to extent breeding of innovations process.
    As need of hour demand this becoz Pakistan ranks 84th in the world interms of overall innovations while India ranked at 46 and even countries like Srilanka and Ethopia ranked higher than Pakistan.
    yep Pakistani youth specially should indulge them in these sublime and suble process of curiosity.


  2. curiosity—innovation— wowww… i tried, several times, to ignore the idea of replying or commenting about this post but m unable to… i don’t know y i m getting a bit critical….. philosophically speaking curiosity ios of 2 types. sensory and cognitive curiosity….. our nation is an opinion-oriented nation. for example, if u,Gillani, had a stomach problem and he comes to me or any other person, i won’t recommend some doctor but i wd recommend some sort of medication like u can have “ISPAGHOL” or some thing else… we, all, will be intruding someone that u shd not eat so much, u shd not fill ur plate so much, u shd take care of ur Diabetes level, etc etc etc but whenever we r on some wedding ceremony, I havn’t seen a single person taking care of his/her own given suggestions.. everyone wd b eating like the Life’s last dinnar… Thats only bcoz we r toooo much opinionated….just remember our discussion in Change management or econometric class discussion… the person (Molvi sb) is always trying to push every discussed issue towards Islam, Capitalism, socialism etc…. and sheraz trying to pull the discussion towards Islam so that he can say some words or some of Iqbal’s poetry…. the notion of all of above discussion is that everyone is curious but all are trying to extract their relevant information and if it is not relevant to their own interest, they will try to interpret it according to their interest and thus distracting and misleading all other…

    If this is the environment… we cant b realistic.. we can not bring innovation… whats the difference between innovation and invention???

    Invention is producing something new but innovation is introducing the newness, original value to the audience, to the world…. withoput Innovation, invention would be nothing…..Last year, Michael Schrage wrote an interesting piece pointing out the very important differences between invention and innovation, where he noted that innovation is more important — but the patent system is more about protecting invention.

    Innovation is far more about prospecting, mining, refining and adding value than it is about pure invention. Too often,the obsession is with ‘inventing’something totally unique,rather than extracting value from the creative understanding of what is already known.


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