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Talent Hunting – A Pakistani Perspective

We all are familiar with the word talent. Talent is considered to be an innate, built-in, born with, personal gift possessed by comparatively few people. In quintessence, someone with talent has an aptitude to do certain things which others either can’t do or do more effectively or efficiently. Talent is not the same as skill. A skill is believed to be more of learned process rather than innate.

We usually find many people around us having numerously diversified talent. For instance, shrewd entrepreneurial abilities, leadership, sporting, literary and entertaining abilities such as acting or singing.

You may have heard the term “Talent Hunting” coined by two words, talent and hunting. Hunt literally means to pursue, to chase and to stalk. So the term talent hunt means to uncover, to find, to chase the talent. Throughout the world talent hunting programs are organized to nurture budding talent and sublime it to best output.
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Unique Sense of Curiosity of Pakistanis

Pakistanis are unique! I know you would agree with me. One of their uniqueness is their sense of curiosity. Curiosity is an inquisitive behavior. But too much of it is not good.

One of the most seen example is watching aeroplane or jet fighter flying over  our heads. Thats the type of curiosity i’m talking about. Let me quote couple of more examples.

Have you ever watched a news reporter reporting a news while standing in a mall, road or even on a crime scene? Yes, you got that right. Everybody around the camera tries to make into frame of your T.V screen.

One fine morning I found my internet connection not working properly. So, I accompanied my friend/hostel mate to the services center of the high speed internet provider. We were on a bike, quite a muscular bike I must say. Few minutes later we had to stop at a signal. Mean while on the far side of the road one driver just brushed the bike, the warden witnessed that and stopped both of them. Everyone who was part of the clogged traffic started watching it. Mean while my friend who was riding the bike starting commentating….
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